Our first blog for a while, and whilst we have been quiet on the social media side, things are looking busier than ever in the office.   With 86.5% of vehicles purchased on being on some sort of finance in 2018, this is up from 82.7% in 2017, Balanced Funding Solutions are proud to announce a 23% growth in finance business placed quarter on quarter from 2017.

How did we do that you ask?

Simple, carried on with our extreme hands on service levels where last month we travelled from South Devon to Inverness, this allows us to continue to provide the experience our customers have become to expect, plus, we are pricing rate over 1% cheaper than the comparable dealer offers, ask us for further information here.

So try us if you are buying or follow us on social media for future updates.

We are also excited to welcome our new Business Development Manager, Fiona McLaren-Coe into the team.  Fiona joins us from a Project Management background, she will be the first voice you hear when calling the office now and provides the additional support we have grown to need.